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Everyone is invited to attend.
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Toyota Develops 1000 km Electric Car Battery

Toyota Develops New Electric Car Battery
Toyota Motor has developed a secondary electric car battery that can last up to 1,000 km per charge, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Monday. That is five times the energy storage capacity of existing batteries.

Toyota came up with the prototype in collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. The new battery is based on a solid core and its simplified structure means it does not require fire-retardant materials. It eliminates the disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries, which are based on an easily heatable and combustible liquid core.

Toyota plans to improve the battery and commercialize it sometime in 2015 to 2020, the daily added.

Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization predicted it will be possible to cut the battery production cost to one-fifth to one-tenth the current level by 2020.

Mazda has developed a new electrode material that can double battery capacity, NEC a home lithium-ion battery that can last for about 20 years, and Nissan’s Leaf electric car can run 160 km per charge.

                                                               englishnews@chosun.com / Oct. 18, 2011 09:21 KST    



Renault and Better Place team up in Australia

Having already formed strategic partnerships around the world, Renault and Better Place will now be expanding their global relationship in Australia.
Under the terms of a new agreement, Renault will import the first electric car fitted with a switchable battery – the Renault Fluence ZE – into the country with Better Place providing its electric car charging network and services.
A joint marketing campaign will begin ahead of launch in 2012 with the cars arriving by the middle of the year for customers in Canberra, and general sales to begin later in the year. Customers that buy a Renault Fluence ZE will sign up for a Better Place membership package tailored for their needs.
The idea behind switchable battery technology is that it offsets the range limitation of traditional electric vehicles as the depleted battery can be exchanged for a fully charged one.
With Better Place membership, drivers will have unlimited access to batteries, as well as the public charge spots and battery switch stations. It also includes supply of 100 per cent renewable electricity, personalised energy management and navigation services.
Better Place will begin the deployment of its infrastructure in Canberra, the capital city, with a national rollout to follow. It is hoped that by 2013, Australia will have the largest electric car charge network in the world and will outpace current deployments in countries such as the US and China.

                                                                            www.thegreencarwebsite.co.uk - June 21, 2011    



Mitsubishi Chooses Super-Efficient Toshiba SCiB Battery For EVs

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) have selected Toshiba’s SCiB battery for its -MiEV and Minicab-MiEV models. The battery uses Toshiba’s proprietary lithium titanate oxide to make a long-life cell that can go through 6000 charging cycles – about 2.5 times more than regular lithium ion batteries. The battery pack can do a rapid 80% recharge in just 15 minutes, and is capable of operating in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celcius. more...
                                                                                                Integrity Exports - June 18, 2011    



Toyota Teams Up With WiTricity for Wireless Car Charging

Wireless charging is an appealing concept for many of us who loathe the sight of messy power cords or the need to find outlets in public spaces. Carmakers like the idea, too. Toyota announced Wednesday it has invested in WiTricity and signed a technology development with the startup as well.
... WiTricity’s technology delivers up to 3.3 KW of electricity, making it comparable to the rate provided by wired Level 2 chargers today, Schatz said. WiTricity’s equipment has been able to achieve 90-percent efficiency in the lab, he added. That means a 10-percent loss between when the electricity leaves the grid and arrives at the car battery pack. more...
                                                                                                               April 27, 2011



Zilla Controllers to make a comeback ...

Otmar Ebenhoech is to join forces with Rich Rudman of Manzanita Micro to restart production and service of the Zilla motor controllers. more...            
                                                                                                              March 25, 2011



Electric Holden Commodore

... Another green car project was announced yesterday by a consortium of five local companies.
The group has formed EV Engineering to build prototypes of Australia's first modern large electric car using $3.5 million from the now-closed Green Car Innovation Fund.
The consortium includes automotive suppliers Air International, Bosch, Continental, Futuris and electric car infrastructure provider Better Place Australia.
The $26 million project will use the Holden Commodore as the basis for seven electric versions of Australia's number one selling passenger vehicle, the Adelaide-built Holden Commodore.
EV Engineering chairman and former Mitsubishi Australia boss Robert McEniry said electric vehicles would be an important part of the future of the Australian car manufacturing industry. more in The Age...

                                          Stuart Martin - The Advertiser - February 19, 2011 Page 8                     



Cooking without gas for a change

"FUEL, sir?" Not unless you have a plug, a 30m lead and eight hours to spare. Force of habit has taken me into a petrol station to pause, stretch the legs and put the roof up. It's a blistering Sydney day and top-down this Tesla Roadster is too hot for comfort.
Philip King from "The Australian" takes us on a ride in the Telsa Roadster 2.5 Sport. more...

                                                              Philip King - The Australian - February 5, 2011                     



New $10,000 electric ear on a charge

An Australian-designed electric car to be built in China plans to take on the world with a sub-$10,000 price, an iPad like dash capable of downloading apps and the promise of  never needing fuel.
(Batteries not included in price.) more...  and more...   
                                                                      Chris Harris - DRIVE - November 27, 2010
                                                      Eric Loveday - AUTOBLOGGREEN - November 30, 2010



South Australia's MTA Gets Plugged In...

The Motor Trade Association of South Australia has procured a Toyota Prius which has been upfitted with an aftermarket plug-in conversion, as part of its plans to develop hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicle training resources for automotive repair technicians throughout the state of South Australia. more...

                                                                                               EV World - July 24, 2010                       



Electric cars get a charge

The first public, on-street electric car charging station in Australia has opened in Sydney(NSW).
The company spearheading the plan yesterday opened the station in Glebe in the city's inner west.
The station can recharge a converted hybrid Toyota Prius in three hours.
ChargePoint Australia said the public station was expected to be the first of many.
It was preparing to conduct charging station pilot programs in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth this year.
Until July 2010, access to all public ChargePoint Charging Stations continues to be free. Stations may be accessed for free by calling the toll-free number located on every charging station or by activating a ChargePass RFID-based Smart Card.
Starting in July 2010 owners of ChargePoint Charging stations will have the option to set a fee for accessing their stations.

                                                                         Adelaide Advertiser - May 25, 2010 Page 16



CBD plug for electric car recharge

Electric cars now have a charging point in a city car park.
Adelaide City Council says a city parking station now has spaces where electric cars and powered wheelchairs can recharge.
That parking station was chosen because it has solar roof panels.
The idea was proposed by an electric car enthusiast, Bruce White, who thinks it will be of great benefit.
                                                                                              ABC News - March 31, 2010



Electric Cars in Adelaide

Today we launched our first electric car charging station at the Grote Street Car Park; keep an eye out on the news tonight on Channels 2 & 9.

It’s been a big week for the future of electric cars in Adelaide because on Monday evening I got council to fund and prepare an Electric Vehicle Strategy to fast track their implementation.

There are nearly 30 models of plug in electric car likely to be on the market within 3 or 4 years and “Better Place”, a major electric car infrastructure company, estimates that by 2020 around 20% of cars will be electric. more...
                                                    Stephen Yarwood - Adelaide City Councillor -  March 31, 2010



Electric Motorbike to Leave Tomago for World Record Bid.

AN electric motorbike crew will swap its Tomago (NSW) test track for a desert salt flat as it strains for the world record land speed.
Electronics store employee Jon Eggenhuizen built the Catavolt bike for the electric vehicle record attempt at South Australia's Lake Gairdner. It is based on the less powerful version he rides to work in Cardiff every day.
After months of testing on a Tomago property, rider Kearon De Clouet will try to push the bike beyond the record of 259kmh.  more... and more...

                                                                                     by TIM CONNELL
                                                                                            The Herald - February 23, 2010



Tesla, Panasonic collaborate on EV batteries.

It seems that when Panasonic President Fumio Ohtsubo said in December that his company would invest $1 billion in green technologies for the home, he may already have had a deal in the works for the garage.
Panasonic will be collaborating with Tesla Motors to develop next-generation nickel-based lithium ion battery cells for electric vehicles, both companies announced Thursday. more
                                                                                                 cnet news - January 7, 2010                                                                    



Electric Cars Are Put To The Test.

The first stage of a government-supported electric car trial has started in the West Midlands.
A total of 340 vehicles will be tested across the UK, 110 of those will be based in Birmingham and Coventry.
The aim of the project is to find out how the cars are used, and when they need charging, to get a better idea of how practical electric cars would be.
An initial 25 Mitsubishi i-MiEV cars have been given out to test drivers in the region.
The remaining ones will be given to drivers, who were specially selected for the trials by Coventry University researchers, throughout next year.  more and more
                                                                                          BBC & Cabled - December 13, 2009                                                                    



Electric Vehicle Breaks Distance Record

An electric vehicle (EV) has traveled 555.6 kilometers from Tokyo to Osaka, setting a new world record for the distance covered by an electric car on a single charge.
The electric vehicles version of Daihatsu Motor's Mira compact car was developed by the Japan Electric Vehicle Club, a Tokyo based citizens' group promoting the widespread use of electric cars.
Powered by 360 kilograms (8,320 cells) of Sanyo Electric Co.'s lithium ion batteries, the Mira EV, which departed Tokyo's Nihonbashi district at 3 a.m. on Nov. 17, took two breaks on the way and crossed the finish line at Osaka's Nipponbashi district at 4:26 p.m. the same day.
The achievement smashed the world record of 501 kilometers held by a U.S. firm, and it will be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
"I am so excited to complete the whole distance," said driver Tateuchi Tadashi, an automotive critic and group representative.  more                                                               evwind - December 5, 2009                                                                    



Electrifying Auto Record

The managing director of Internode, Simon Hackett, achieved a world record in the 2009 Global Green Challenge car race from Darwin to Adelaide. (October 24 - 31, 2009)
Driving his Tesla sports car, Mr. Hackett and co-driver Emilis Prelgauskas set a new record for distance - 501km - for a production vehicle driven on a single charge.
He says he is "thrilled" by the record which included having the car's charge port door security sealed during the run.
                                       The Advertiser "Business Monthly" (insert), November 3, 2009 -  Page 16



Electric cars new hope for ailing motor industry

ABC 7:30 Report (Australian TV) - September 15, 2009
Video and photo available ... more



Bid for electric car recharge stations (Adelaide, South Australia)

Lord mayor Michael Harbison is driving a push to install a network of green-powered electric car recharge stations in CBD car parks. ... more

                                                                       Adelaide Advertiser September 14, 2009 - Page 21  



Magnetic road strips could power electric cars

SOUTH Korea's top technology university has developed a plan to power electric cars through recharging strips embedded in roadways that use a technology to transfer energy found in some electric toothbrushes.
... more

                                                                                               news.com.au  May 18, 2009  



Government give electric car green light

The (Australian) federal government has given an electric car the green light to drive on Australian roads.
Designed and produced in Japan by Mitsubishi, the (iMiEV) plug-in electric car can be driven 160km at speeds of up to 130km/h when fully charged.
Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the all-electric design brought Australia a step closer to emissions-free driving. ...more

                                                                                               Brisbane Times  April 8, 2009  



Recharge Stations For Adelaide

LORD Mayor Michael Harbison will consider providing recharge stations for electric cars across the city.
Stations could be offered in city car parks and on streets.

After test driving Mitsubishi's new electric iMiEV vehicle yesterday, Mr Harbison said the city council was eager to stage a trial - with an eye to wider application.
"The car was fantastic, it was really like driving a Mercedes-Benz. It's so quiet, so powerful and comfortable," he said.
"I personally would buy one tomorrow if I could. I think it's a terrific advance in personal transport, especially for a city like Adelaide that's compact, that's flat. We would be ready to use cars like this . . . as soon as they could be provided by the manufacturers. We would definitely consider putting in electric gas stations if the cars were adopted."
Mitsubishi Motors is on a tour visiting governments and businesses to generate support ahead of the vehicle's release next year. The company refuses to speculate on the price of the electric vehicles.
The cars have a range of about 80km, enabling commuters to live up to 70km from the city.

                                                                                  The Advertiser March 25, 2009  Page 16



Electric Cars Now!

This article is based on material presented in a seminar by Dr Andrew Simpson. Dr Simpson specialises in technology and policy for electric-drive vehicles. ...more
                                                                                                                   March 17, 2009  



Battery breakthrough means rarely having to recharge

Current batteries made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) are good at storing large amounts of electricity but stumble at releasing it. They are better at dispensing the power in a steady flow than at discharging it or gaining it in a sudden burst. As a result, electric cars perform best when traveling along the motorway at a constant speed rather than when they are accelerating, and their batteries take hours to recharge when they run down.
Until now, the finger of blame has pointed at charged lithium atoms. These ions, along with electrons, move too sluggishly through the battery material before arriving at the terminal to deliver their charge - or so it was thought.
But a pair of materials experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say the problem lies not with the ions but rather at how the ions gain access to nano-scale tunnels that riddle the material and transport the electrons to their destination. ...more

                                                                                    Sydney Morning Herald    March 12, 2009



Perth (Western Australia) Car Park with Vehicle Charging Facilities.

The Elder Street Car Park is being redeveloped and one of the facilities to be included is charging stations for hybrid/electric cars... more                                                                           
                                                                                                                       January 2009



Plug-in Power, Peak Performer

The almost imperceptible hum of the electric motor and the cooling whoosh of the wind are shattered by one comment from the car's driver. "If we built this without the proper parts or the know-how in six months, why is it taking car manufacturers so long?" asks Professor Thomas Braunl, of the University of WA's (Western Australia's) engineering facility. It's difficult to argue. Some university students and their lecturers bought and transformed a 2008 Hyundai Getz from a petrol fuelled hatchback to one running solely on plug-in power. It cost $15,000 in materials... the bonus is that it costs 1.4c a kilometer to run - about one-tenth of its petrol filled equivalent. "It will charge in four to six hours and that's enough for 100km." Professor Thomas Braunl says... The conversion required removing the conventional 70kW petrol engine and its ancillaries - exhaust, fuel tank, cooling system and clutch - while retaining the five-speed manual gearbox. Under the bonnet went a 28kW electric motor and its controller, with a 144V lithium-ion battery pack in a safety cage within the boot. Despite the addition of the large battery pack and the electric motor, the Getz weighs the same as its petrol donor...

                                                               The Advertiser (CarsGuide) February 28, 2009  Page 16



Dodge Plugs In

More car makers are plugging in to the modern electric car movement. The Dodge Circuit EV is an example for driving enthusiasts. It boasts a 0-100km/h time of about five seconds, a 400m sprint in 13 seconds and a maximum speed topping 190km/h. Dodge is part of the Chrysler group which, after giving a glimpse of its developing technology in the U.S., is starting with this sporty EV and the Chrysler 200C EV four-door sedan (series hybrid) being displayed at the Geneva Motor Show next month... The Dodge Circuit EV (plug-in electric) has an electric motor rated at 200kW power and uses lithium-ion batteries... Dodge claims the driving range of 250km to 330km.

                                                               The Advertiser (CarsGuide) February 28, 2009  Page 3



Electric Cars

The British Government has given a $2.4 billion boost to electric-car development as the country bids to become the world leader in hybrid and electric transport.
The UK plan includes encouraging carmakers to demonstrate the potential of electric cars in major cities and towns, as well as creation of a consortium to develop a hybrid-drive system which can be retrofitted to delivery vans.
The Government believes its move to a low-carbon economy could create 10,000 jobs in the short term with up to one million "green" jobs in the country by 2030.

                                                               The Advertiser (CarsGuide) February 7, 2009  Page 3



Plugging into driving industry

IT'S the $70,000 car that could save the environment and a city's economy.
The New England city of Armidale is developing its own electric car industry.
Local company Energetique is building a hi-tech electric car based on a Mazda2 five-door hatch called the evMe.... more

                                                                    Article from: The Daily Telegraph January 12, 2009



$20,000 electric car: Toyota FT-EV

Toyota has unveiled a budget priced electric car that can be driven up to 80km without using a drop of petrol, reports Joshua Dowling in Detroit... more



TOYOTA - Solar Car Plan

Toyota is secretly developing a solar powered vehicle in an effort to turn around its struggling business, a top economic daily reported yesterday.
The Nikkei newspaper, however, said it would be years before the planned vehicle was available on the market.
According to The Nikkei, the Toyota electric vehicle will get some of its power from solar cells on the vehicle but could also be recharged from solar panels on the roof of homes. Toyota later hopes to develop a model totally powered by solar cells on the vehicle.

                                                                                    The Advertiser - January 2, 2009 Page 2


  EEStor Issued a Patent For Its Supercapacitor

 ... more         

                                                                                                  SLASHDOT December 22,2008                                                                                   


  Fiat unveils a plug-in beach buggy

Fiat has developed an off-road concept vehicle that is kind to the planet.

Some might view an environmentally friendly off-road vehicle as a contradiction in terms, but as far as the Brazilian team that designed the Fiat Bugster is concerned, it's all about guilt-free fun.

The Bugster, rolled out this week at the little-known Sao Paulo motor show in Brazil, is a plug-in electric car powered by 93 lithium-ion batteries built into the chassis.   ... more

                                                                            Steve Colquhoun, The Age, November 1, 2008




General Motors Holden has unveiled that, as part of its eco-friendly strategy, it will be importing and selling the Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle in Australia from 2012.

                                                                                The Advertiser - October 10, 2008 Page 5



  Prologue Hybrid

Peugeot will unveil a new-generation hybrid - the Prologue concept car. The Prologue, thought to be a diesel-electric hybrid, has 147kW of power on offer with significantly-reduced CO2 emissions - 109g/km or zero when running in electric-only mode.
The company will release more details at the car's official unveiling at next month's Paris motor show.

                                                              The Advertiser (CarsGuide) - September 27, 2008 Page 3



  South African company - Optimal Energy - launches "Joule" electric car

September 11, 2008: Optimal Energy introduces an electric car which will travel up to 100km before recharging is required. The company also offers an option of 400Km range. ... more



  Electric Chryslers move up a gear

Chrysler says it will put an electric car on sale in North America in 2010, revealing that despite missing out on the buzz surrounding the Chevrolet Volt, it is neck-and-neck with General Motors in the race to put a mass-produced electric car on U.S.roads.
The firm showed off three electric protoypes: a Dodge sports car, a Jeep Wrangler and a Chrysler minivan. Chrysler product development chief Frank Klegon said the firm had not decided which one to roll out first.
The Dodge sports car is completely electric and based on Lotus Europa underpinnings, but the Jeep Wrangler and Chrysler minivan models will be extended range vehicles similar to the Volt, which GM has said will go on sale in November, 2010.
Like the Volt, the Wrangler and minivan plug into a standard wall outlet and can go 65Km on battery power alone, but then a small gasoline engine kicks in to recharge the batteries. Chrysler said its vehicles would be able to travel up to 640Km on 30 litres of petrol.
GM's Volt is expected to cost $US30,000 to $US40,000 initially, far more expensive than conventional cars. Chrysler officials said they hoped to drive down the cost as vehicles were sold.
Chrysler chief executive Bob Nardelli denied it had shown off electric prototypes now; as Congress considered a $US25 billion loan program to help car makers and suppliers modernise plants to make more fuel-efficient vehicles.

                                                                               The Advertiser - September 25, 2008 Page 63



  Rebirth Of Electric Car To Power GM

More than a decade after the EV1 was killed off, General Motors has turned to a new generation electric vehicle as its saviour.
The Production version of its Volt petrol-electric car has been unveiled as part of the company's centenary celebration.
The EV1 - listed by the company as one of its most significant vehicles during the 100-year celebrations - was the subject of Who Killed The Electric Car, which pinned guilt on oil companies, car companies (including GM), the US government and consumers. GM chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner said revealing the Volt production version was a great way to open the company's second century.
"The Volt is symbolic of GM's strong commitment to the future... just the kind of technology innovation that our industry needs to respond to today's and tomorrow's energy and environmental challenges," he said.
There are no plans to introduce a Volt-like vehicle to Australia but GM Asia-Pacific president Nick Reilly told The Advertiser in May that the diesel and hybrid-powered Commodores could be introduced by 2010. The U.S. company - and its arch rival Ford - have both suffered sales drops as fuel prices hit the American vehicle market hard.
Sales of the large cars, SUV's and sports trucks have been hit hard as U.S. car buyers look for smaller alternatives.
GM says the Chevrolet Volt - which uses a bio-fuel compatible internal-combustion engine to charge an electric powertrain - has a 64km electric-only driving range.
Its electric drivetrain has more than 220 lithium-ion cells in a battery pack and delivers around 112kW of power as well as 370Nm of instant torque, which GM claims is enough for a 160km/h top speed. The Volt's bio-fuel range-extending engine creates electricity on-board to extend the range of the vehicle to well over 700km.
GM said Volt can also be plugged into a standard house hold outlet for charging, with recharging completed in as little as three hours.
GM Holden marked the start of the second century of its parent company General Motors with a display of historic Australian-built GM vehicles including Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets, Holdens and Pontiacs in Melbourne yesterday. GM Holden chairman and managing director Mark Reuss said Holden and Australia had played a key part in the development of General Motors.

                                                                               The Advertiser - September 18, 2008 Page 7



  The Lightning car company is proud to release one of the UK's first electric sports cars for 2008.

Combining classic, British sports car design with racing car technology and state of the art NanoSafe™ battery power and Hi-Pa Drive™ electric motor innovation, the Lightning has been developed with exhilarating performance front of mind. Whilst its head-turning looks will appeal to the most discerning of drivers, unlike other sports cars, the Lightning is also easy on the conscience. With virtually no polluting emissions, this energy-efficient car uses clean technology and will have the ultimate green rating. Following production of several petrol Lightnings and with the electric prototype build now well underway, the electric Lightning GT is now available to pre-order.



  Aid For Hybrids

U.S. auto manufacturers could receive up to $US6 billion in direct loans to modernise their assembly plants to build petrol-electric hybrids and advanced vehicles under an agreement reached by Senate leaders.
An additional $US300 million would develop advanced batteries critical for plug-in hybrid vehicles, said Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, who had sought the funding.
The provisions will be included in a stimulus package to be considered in September.
"This is about supporting our industries to retool..." Senator Stabenow said.

                                                                                     The Advertiser - August 1, 2008 - Page 85


  Mini Also Plugs In

BMW's Mini also will be offered in electric models in the U.S by the middle of next year.
Mini U.S. vice-president Jim McDowell said, reports that 500 electric cars would be sold in California next year were premature because there was no final plan. U.S. Mini sales are up 34 per cent so far this year.

                                                                                       The Advertiser - July 24, 2008


  Lithium Packs a Punch

SAN JOSE, California. The lithium-ion battery used in personal electronic devices will soon become the battery of choice for vehicles, a U.S. conference heard yesterday.
Tien Duoung, of the U.S. Department of Energy, told the Plug-In 2008 conference lithium-ion batteries were already starting to displace the nickel-metal-hydride batteries now used in many hybrid petrol-electric vehicles. Lithium-Ion batteries are suited for rechargeable vehicles because they have more storage capacity, are smaller and more reliable.
However, the Electric Power Research Institute's Haresh Kamath said lithium-ion batteries to power even a small car now cost more than $US10,000.

                                                                                      The Advertiser - July 23, 2008 - Page 58



  Call to ban petrol cars

HOKKAIDO, JAPAN: Gordon Brown wants to see petrol-driven cars off the roads within 12 years as evidence that Britain can break its addiction to oil.
The British Prime Minister - hailing a climate change agreement by world leaders at the G8 summit in Japan yesterday - insisted all new vehicles could be powered by electric or hybrid engines by 2020.
The driving force to achieve that goal, he said, would be rising fuel costs and road taxes.

                                                                                      The Advertiser - July 10, 2008 - Page 36



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